About Keystone

Design and build your dream home here…

Keystone Design and Build is a Development Company integrating Design and Construction of Residential and Commercial buildings.

We have been successfully operating in Victoria for over 15 years on both small and large scale developments, and has built a reputation of providing a full and comprehensive service to our clients.

All our designs are completely custom, we can provide a complete design and construction service, including all facets of architectural design, budget estimates, detailed cost planning and quality construction management.

Keystone pride itself on the delivery of high quality projects on time and on budget. It is essential to us that Client needs and expectations are met in a smooth and reliable manner.

Keystone has had extensive experience in the Planning, Design, Documentation, Project Management, Supervision and Construction of various sized Residential and Commercial projects.

We place the highest priority in providing a safe working environment and promote a safety culture in the work place for employees and subcontractors.


In an Architectural context, a ’keystone’ by definition is a very important crowing structural element that locks many other components together to complete a vaulted or arched structure. These structures are entirely dependent upon the ’keystone’ to complete their form and function.

This integral structure nature of the ‘keystone’ is the foundation for our business.  We strive to be the ‘keystone’ in all aspects of our developments to ensure all elements of design and construction are systematically delivered to achieve our vision.

Keystone Design & Build P/L have a great commitment to designing and building quality developments that are aesthetically appealing, spatially and cost efficient and environmentally sensitive.